EOI Jesús Maestro 


10-12th March 2023

The 2023 convention - ‘Km0 – The Road Ahead Together’ – our first face to face conference since March 2020 - is both a celebration of the opportunity to come together as a community of teachers, and a recognition of the exciting challenges ahead as we absorb the lessons learned in the last two years, recognize the importance of language as a unifying force in an often fractured world and define our objectives as we move forward.

As educators we are keenly aware that there are many ways of planning the route, but even when the destination is clear, getting there requires flexibility, focus, an openness to change and sensitivity to our students and colleagues. As the saying goes – if you want to go far, go together. Collaboration is therefore the focus of our convention, an invitation to share and take advantage of the experiences and ideas of others as we map the future and create our learning journeys.

Therefore, we especially welcome presentations which deal with pluri-culturalism, inclusive practices, creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem solving, communication, cooperation, literacy and plurilingual education as well as those which are of wide general interest for language teachers, educators working in different sectors and with a wide range of student profiles.